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SOCIETE REGAL S.A.R.L. private limited


About us


SOCIETE REGAL S.A.R.L. is a private limited company, registered in the Republic of Congo since 1998.  It is principally engaged in General Trading, Import-Export, Representation and Distribution of various Brands and Products from across the Globe. Globe.

Thanks to the vision & stewardship of its founder and the CEO Mr. P.S.DASWANI, who happens to be in Congo since 1981, it has evolved into a multi-dimensional and diversified company, covering the whole spectrum of civil society through its representation of universally well known products.  Being an old hand of Congo, and considering his vast knowledge of the nation and wide spread contacts developed during the period of over a generation of stay in the country, he had been honored and designated The Honorary Consul General of India to The Republic of Congo by The Government of India.  


The company is being co-managed by its Director General  Mr. Navin Punjabi and his highly dedicated and efficient staff .  


The evolution and development of SOCIETE REGAL S.A.R.L., in its present form, and in such a short span of time would have been difficult to achieve without the highly skilled, motivated, and resourceful team of its young force of nearly 25 expatriates of Indian Origin, which had been one of the great contributing factor. Their joint and active participation with full dedication and untiring efforts in a team-spirit, and following each and every objective and guidelines laid down by the senior management in a disciplined manner, and managing all the hurdles independently with the least intervention has heralded the path to an uninterrupted growth of the Company.  


Last but not the least; the expatriate’s team would not have achieved the growth singlehandedly, without the active participation and assistance of the local human resources.  With a strong force of nearly 120 workers of Congolese Origin, this path is made even easier than imagination.


The processing of this web-site is part of our modest effort, in order to briefly highlight the profile of the company on a factual basis, the errors and omissions are possible and can not be ruled out being part of the human nature, but they are not intended, hence they are deeply regretted.   


The Business Development is a never ending process; therefore we are confident to cross many more hurdles, cover many more miles and scale many more heights towards the path of uninterrupted growth and evolution. So help us God!!!!!!